“Firstly and importantly I treat my delegates as mature and intelligent professionals who have the best interest of patients at heart.

All of my workshops and keynotes connect the audience to the importance of their work, the difference they make and the responsibility they have.  I give them a degree of choice, autonomy and power over their learning experience and also provide them with the very best and latest tools for their work.

I believe the work I do helps teams to improve results by prompting change – I provoke, cheer on and celebrate change via various training and learning techniques.  Training is more than “information delivery”: my role is to challenge how people think and act; to change their beliefs and their behaviours in order to bring about the results they seek.

Much of my work is about breaking down resistance to change.

My workshops always blend a degree of “attitudinal” training with “skills” work.  The very top performers think and behave differently and we model their excellence.

The way the workshops are constructed is important: Each workshop has one full learning cycle running from start to finish and, within this cycle, every module of that workshop is a complete learning cycle.  For example, my signature 2-dayAccess Skills workshop has 15 modules.

For this workshop I use a blend of up-front presentation, group work, individual work, roleplay and feedback.  Wherever possible I bring ‘Live Training’ into the training room – for example participants make live calls to genuine customers and book real meetings.  Booking appointments with “impossible to see” customers and overcoming "rep bans" is always transformational for the learner – and an immediate ROI for the business!

Great care is taken to accommodate all types of communication preference and all types of learner through the exercises, tools, examples and language used.

The high-level skills training I deliver - whilst not very common - is not particulary complex once broken down.  Enabling teams to absorb, embrace and live it in the long-term is my specialty and is the basis for my reputation within the pharmaceutical industry as a transformational trainer.

Finally, I always invest heavily in supporting the line managers of the delegates - they are a critical element in transformational training and one that trainers neglect at their peril. Management understanding and promotion of the skills provided in the training workshops is single most important predictor of continued success amongst teams, long after the training has taken place."

- Ian Chamberlain, 2015