“I am so impressed with Ian, that I have also asked him to address the Pharmaceutical Sales Managers Group”

- David Garmon-Jones, Managing Director, Merck

A hugely respected and well known figure in European pharmaceutical and medical device sales, Ian Chamberlain "Mr Customer Access" is your first choice when scheduling a specialist speaker for your medical sales meeting or conference.

Many of Ian's clients use a tailored keynote speech as the beginning of a powerful transformation process. Together with Fully Equipped's training and consultancy support they work together to implement a programme that brings about lasting change.

Currently Ian is offering 4 keynote topics for you to select from:

  • The Power of Belief
  • The Medical Representatives Checklist
  • Attracting Customers
  • Your Outstanding Congress

The Power of Belief

Ian's flagship keynote programme has inspired and propelled many hundreds of medical sales professionals to breakthrough to new higher levels of performance.  This keynote is less a speech than a conversation as Ian connects with his audience emboldening them to make a greater difference.  This is a persuassive call to action that will change hearts and minds. Key elements include:

  •     Why the very best medical representatives choose their beliefs
  •     How top performers change limiting beliefs
  •     How to develop the right cluster of beliefs for sales success
  •     Why taking responsibility is worth it

Many clients use this keynote to introduce the Fully Equipped Access Skills workshop as it complements perfectly this well known and proven programme.  Others use it to signpost a change of focus: a new product launch, a re-structure or a re-branding.  "The Power of Belief" is an ideal way to boost confidence, develop the "can do" attitude and energize a medical sales meeting or conference.

The Medical Representative's CHECKLIST

Ian presents his own vision of how medical sales needs to evolve in the 21st century.  A vision in which his listeners can join.  A vision that resonates with the times, shakes the audiences complacency, settles doubts, inspires actions, provides guidance and changes minds. Key elements include:

  • Why "what you stand for" and "who you are" are more important than what you are selling
  • The 9 medical representative behaviours critical for success in the 21st century
  • How to develop genuine partnerships with influential customers
  • How professional values and integrity driven strategies can re-brand, re-position and help re-think medical selling

This keynote is a clear compelling message delivered with passion. A warm and affectionate plea from one of Britain's leading experts on medical sales and a former high-earning medical salesperson himself.  As an industry, some of our sloppier behaviours have given us a bad name. And it will be impossible to talk our way out of a situation that we have behaved our way in to.  This keynote will inspirethe professionalism, pride and passion you want in your sales team - changing their beliefs and behaviour for the new sales environment.

Attracting Customers

Ian's newest keynote is for those sales teams tired of harum-scarum scrabbling for appointments with an ever decreasing group of influential customers. "Attracting Customers" shines a light through this chaos and confusion. Ian provides the guidance needed to begin to make sense of what connecting with customers is all about. Key elements include:

  • How to stop striving and looking for customers the old way - attract them instead!
  • How to stand out from your dull, beige and vanilla competition - stand taller and shine your light further!
  • Where focusing our thoughts and our actions on success can deliver us outstanding results
  • Get clarity - Get cracking: a blue-print for action

Full of empathy and understanding for his audience, Ian's "Attracting Customers" keynote is the latest conference speech from the world's leading expert on customer access.  If your sales team truly wants to stand out, truly wants to achieve excellence then this is for you.  Ian initially positioned this keynote for the very highest achieving medical sales professionals and those who have already graduated from his Mastery of Custromer access programme - if you think your team could be ready, call him!

Your Outstanding Congress

Major medical congresses represent a huge investment in time and money.  Booking Ian to deliver "Your Outstanding Congress" at your pre-con event is a smart way to gell your booth team together, focus them on their goals and provide them with essential guidance from the World's leading medical sales customer access expert!  Key elements include:

  • The Medical Congress exhibitors mindset - beliefs, state and focus
  • Hosting behaviours - a great welcome and driving traffic
  • Validating, qualifying and steering customers - manage footfall, flow and follow up
  • Why exhibiting is a mix of advertising and sales - memorable key message delivery

Most of your booth workers are inexperienced exhibitors - perhaps they attend less than 3 days a year at major congresses.  Ian's keynote talk will get them thinking and acting like true pros!  get more traffic on your booth, get the right people interacting with your product experts, deliver the right key messages in a clear and memorable way ... and generate masses more quality sales leads!