Introducing Ian as your Conference Speaker

Thank you for engaging Ian.  You are of course most welcome to come up with your own introduction to Ian’s keynote address (though perhaps you may wish to run it past Ian first, as he introduces himself as part of his speech).

To help you formulate an introduction, please find an example below.  In general it helps to keep it reasonably short and to reiterate some of the key points or themes that have been discussed at your event.

Example Introduction:

 “Ladies and gentlemen, during the past [2 days] we have looked at the business challenges facing us within our changing market. Make no mistake our business environment is changing and we must evolve and adapt just as rapidly. 

That said there one thing that has remained a constant during my time in the industry: the need to get in front of the right customers, with the right message, the right number of times. It is true today as ever before.

Another constant over the years has been, that for most salespeople, Customer Access is frequently our greatest challenge and frequently our greatest frustration.

I am confident we have the right products, with the right messages and that in this room we have some of the most talented salespeople in the industry. When you guys are in front of your customers, I know you do a brilliant job.

Our challenge remains getting in front of those key customers at the right time.

Our speaker today, Ian Chamberlain, is a specialist in this area of our sales process.

He started his own business in 2002, after 9 years in the industry, specifically to help medical salespeople achieve better access to their key customers.

Today, Ian is in demand all round the world and we are delighted to have him here with us in [London].

During this meeting we have talked about passion, tenacity and focus – and now Ian is going to talk to us about the “Power of Belief” and how we can use our passion, tenacity and focus to overcome the Access Challenge.

I know you are going to enjoy the next 60 minutes and gain a lot from it – so please, join me in welcoming to our stage Ian Chamberlain”