“Fully Equipped’s training is still used by attendees years later – how’s that for ROI!!!”

- Fiona Wright, former Business Manager, Merck

Ian Chamberlain and his small experienced team from Fully Equipped provide specialist training and consultancy to pharmaceutical and medical sales teams.

Global leaders in helping healthcare sales professionals gain better quality access to their customers, Fully Equipped's team provide two signature programmes with associated support consultancy.

Access Skills

 “If you have access problems and you haven't used Fully Equipped then now is the time to start” - Hakeem Adebiyi, National Sales Manager, Chiesi UK

This programme changes your sales team's negative beliefs and attitudes around customer access.  Participants leave the workshop with cutting edge persuassion skills and a proven template for success. Their personal experience of "Live Calling" proves to them that every customer can be seen! An incredibly powerful workshop that will take your sales team's confidence and feelings of empowerment to new levels!