“Working with Ian is a rare and absolute pleasure, from concept through to phenomenal results. His attention to detail, results focus and professionalism allow me to whole heartedly recommend working with him and his organisation without reservation.”

- Fiona Wright, former Business Manager, Merck

Putting together your annual sales conference or a major salesforce training event is a time consuming, painstaking and expensive endeavour.

The success of your hard work is measured by the experiences of your audience and by what they take home with them in learnings and feelings.

Once you engage Ian you will have an experienced advocate and partner for achieving your conference and business goals.

Using his extensive specialized experience Ian will deliver an entertaining and stimulating keynote (and follow up programme) for you; guaranteed to be right on target!

Your first step is to check for Ian’s availability. Contact him or telephone him (+44 (0) 7973 198910) sooner rather than later to secure the dates.

Once the dates are agreed Ian will meet with you (or one of your team) over the telephone.  You will go through the organizers questionnaire together and use this information to create a programme tailored to suit your event.

In advance of the event Ian will go through any logistical details and confirm such things as room layout, accommodation requirements and audio-visual needs.